Introducing: Five Nines

A fault tolerant, self healing, auto scaling hosting service for mission critical business applications.

Fault Tolerant.

Fully replicated in multiple data centres, each running on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure.

Self Healing.

Self aware server cluster always keeping a healthy quorum by automatically detecting and replacing faulty nodes within minutes.

Auto Scaling.

Quickly responds to increased user demand by automatically growing the nodes of the server cluster and spreading the work load.

Web Hosting vs High Availability

Hardware failure is the most common contributor to unexpected downtime.

Standard Web Hosting

Simple and low cost, but suffers from single point of failure flaws which increases risk of downtime and crippling recovery times.

High Availability Hosting

Sophisticated network of servers with constant health monitoring and automated failover mechanisms.

A blueprint for
highly durable applications.

Traffic Load Balancing

Provides fault tolerance by distributing incoming requests to a cluster of web servers, read more

Web Server Cluster

Multi server web application environment spread across 3 data centres with self healing capabilities, read more

Database Server Cluster

Synchronous replication, automated failover and query distribution across multiple servers, read more

Traffic Load Balancing.

An Internet facing entry point that distributes incoming user requests to a cluster of web servers.

Fault Tolerance

Load balancers are constantly aware of the state of the web server cluster and will automatically redistribute traffic whenever a web server fails or appears to be under stress.


Being the only Internet facing entry point to the hosting environment, load balancers form a hardened outside layer that shields the application code and data from any direct access.


The load balancing servers are distributed accross 3 different data centres. In the event of a sever network outage, traffic will automatically be routed to the other operational data centers while the fault is being attended to.

Web Server Cluster.

A multi server hosting environemnt distributed across 3 different data centres.


At any give time, application code is served concurrently from multiple redundent servers, which in turn are spread across multiple redundent data centres.

Fault Tolerant

There is safety in numbers... A server or even an entire data centre failure can be tolerated by the cluster seamlessly without any adverse effects on the operation of the application.

Self Healing

In the event of a server failure, the faulty server is immediately removed from service and a new server is automatically added in the same data center within 5 - 10 minutes to replace it.

Automatically Scalable

The Web Server Cluster is capable of handling rapid changes in network traffic patterns by automatically adding more servers to the cluster in times of high demand.

Database Server Cluster.

Synchronously replicated on multiple servers in multiple data centres with automatic failure built in.


Each database is synchronously replicated to a standby server in a different data center. Each data centre runs on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure, and is engineered to be highly reliable.

Automatic Failover

In case of a server or an entire data centre failure, the availability impact of the application is limited to the time that the automatic failover takes to complete: typically under one minute.


Additional read replicas of the database is automatically added to the cluster during times of high demand allowing read query load to be spread across a larger number of servers.

Point in Time Recovery

Datbases are continuously backed up, which allows point-in-time recovery of your data. This allows us to restore your data to any second during the preceeding 14 days, up to the last five minutes.

The building blocks of
highly durable applications.

Application Containers

Customisable silos that provides each application its own operating system, libraries and configuration files.

Durable File Storage

Upon file upload, it is immediately stored on multiple devices across a minimum of 3 data centres.

In-memory Object Cache

Boost performance of database operation by retrieving data from a high throughput and low latency in-memory data store

Testing Environemnt

Always available replica of your application with its own database for testing purposes.

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